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Lithium molybdate(VI)

CAS No:13568-40-6

Usages:For lithium bromide central air conditioning inhibitor and chemical reagent etc.

Molybdenum cobaltate

CAS No:13762-14-6

Usages:Gas or liquid hydrogen desulfurization. Catalyst for hydrogenation of gasoline

Molybdic acid

CAS No:7782-91-4

Usages:Compounds for the preparation of other molybdenum and molybdenum. Manufacture of molybdenum based ca


CAS No:13595-85-2

Usages:Widely used in water paint, powder coating and oil paint. Suitable for water-based ink, silk-screen,

Barium molybdate

CAS No:7787-37-3

Usages:Naphtha refining. Enamel adhesive products.

Cadmium molybdate

CAS No:13972-68-4

Usages:Electronic and optical applications

Ammonium molybdate tetrahydrate

CAS No:12027-67-7

Usages:Mainly used for smelting ferromolybdenum and preparation of molybdenum trioxide, molybdenum powder,


CAS No:7789-82-4

Usages:Used in the production of molybdate, as chemical reagent, etc..

Molybdenyl acetylacetonate,

CAS No:17524-05-9

Usages:Organic synthesis catalyst; used as catalyst for the formation of ethylene polymerization and polyur

Zinc molybdate

CAS No:13767-32-3

Usages:Mainly used as non-toxic anti rust pigment.

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