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CAS No:1317-36-8

Usages:It is used to manufacture polyvinyl chloride plastic stabilizer. It's the raw material for other lea

Zinc Phosphate

CAS No:7779-90-0

Usages:As the base material of all kinds of coatings such as alkyd, phenolic and epoxy resin, it is also us

Zinc bromide liquid

CAS No:7699-45-8

Usages:Used as well completion fluids, cementing fluids, batteries, electrolytes, etc in offshore oil field

Iron(III) Nitrate nonahydrate

CAS No:7782-61-8

Usages:Used as catalyst, mordant, metal surface treating agent, oxidant, analytical reagent, radioactive su

Iron (II) Chloride Tetrahydrate

CAS No:13478-10-9

Usages:Used as a mordant, analytical reagent, and used in medicine, metallurgy and sewage treatment.

Antimony (III) Sulfide

CAS No:1345-04-6

Usages:Mainly used for making matches and fireworks, various antimony salts and colored glass. Rubber indus

Cooper Hydroxide

CAS No:20427-59-2

Usages:Raw materials for copper, mordant, rayon, pigment, coloring paper.Used as a fungicide, the antifouli

cobalt nitrate hexahydrate

CAS No:10026-22-9

Usages:Used for the preparation of catalysts, invisible ink, cobalt pigments, ceramics,sodium nitrite, etc.

Iron (III) Chloride hexahydrate

CAS No:10025-77-1

Usages:used in water treatment, organic synthesis catalyst, and used in dye and medicine industry

Zinc Nitrate hexahydrate

CAS No:10196-18-6

Usages:Used as a catalyst for acidification, latex coagulant, resin processing catalyst, printing and dyein

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