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CAS No:   7439-98-7
Usage:   Mainly used in iron and steel industry.

Product name: Molybdenum

Cas No: 7439-98-7

EINECS No: 231-107-2

Molecular formula: Mo

Molecular weight: 95.94

Specifications:99%  99.9%

Appearance:Silver white metal, hard and tough. Density: 10.2, melting point: 2610℃. Boiling point: 5560℃.

Application: Mainly used in iron and steel industry. Nickel based superalloy containing 18% molybdenum for the manufacture of various high temperature parts of aviation and aerospace. Metallic molybdenum has been widely used in electronic devices such as electron tubes, transistors, and rectifiers.

Packaging: 1KG/ bottles, 25KG/ barrels, or according to customer requirements.

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