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Rhodium acetate

CAS No:42204-14-8


Rhodium Trihydroxide

CAS No:21656-02-0

Usages:rhodium source of rhodium compounds

Rhodium(II) octanoate dimer

CAS No:73482-96-9

Usages:For Buchner reaction. Catalysts for a- substitution of thiophene

Rhodium (triphenylphosphine)carbonylacetylacetonate

CAS No:25470-96-6

Usages:Mainly used for hydrogenation, formylation and carbonylation

Rhodium(III) Nitrate Solution

CAS No:10139-58-9

Usages:Used as oxidant

Rhodium (Ⅲ) Oxide Anhydrous

CAS No:12036-35-0

Usages:Mainly used for hydroformylation, formylation and hydroxylation

Rhodium((III) oxide hydrate

CAS No:123542-79-0

Usages:Mainly used for hydroformylation, formylation and  hydroxylation

Rhodium(III) Nitrate

CAS No:13465-43-5

Usages:Used as oxidant

Rhodium(III) phosphate

CAS No:67859-71-6

Usages:Soluble in water, saled as solution. Mainly used for electroplating, also can be used as homogeneous


CAS No:14694-95-2

Usages:1 paraffin hydrogenation catalyst 2 catalytic hydrogenation under mild conditions 3 aldehyde carbony

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