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Tungsten(Vi) Chloride

CAS No:13283-01-7

Usages:Purification and organic synthesis for tungsten.


CAS No:90023-21-5

Usages:Chemical reagent, etc.

Aluminum Tungstate

CAS No:15123-82-7

Usages:Chemical reagent, etc.

Ammonium Metagungstate

CAS No:11120-25-5

Usages:Used as raw material for the manufacture of other tungsten compounds and tungsten

Ammonium paratungstate

CAS No:11120-25-5

Usages:sed in organic synthesis and material science.

Ammonium Tetrathiotungstate

CAS No:13862-78-7 

Usages: Materials science, chemical reagents, etc..

Barium Tungstate

CAS No:7787-42-0

Usages:For the use of electronic and optical glass, ceramics, pigments, corrosion inhibitors, as an enhance

Bis(Cyclopentadienyl)Tungsten Dichloride

CAS No:12184-26-8  

Usages: Intermediates for the preparation of organic tungsten compounds.

Bismuth Tungstate

CAS No:13595-87-4

Usages: Chemical reagent, etc..

Cadmium Borotungstate

CAS No:1306-26-9 

Usages:Used for separation of ore.

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