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Cesium Silicate

CAS No:15586-77-3

Usages:Widely used in electronic industry, metallurgical industry, optoelectronic components, etc.

Cesium Propionate

CAS No:38869-24-8

Usages:organic chemicals and pharmaceutical intermediates


CAS No:13530-67-1

Usages:Used as analytical reagent, also used in the manufacture of fluorescent screen and photoelectric tub


CAS No:20281-00-9

Usages:For infrared signal detection equipment, such as the photocathode of image intensifier, vacuum photo

Perchlorate cesium

CAS No:13454-84-7

Usages:Its properties can be used for the purpose of liquid separation, or even heavy analysis, but also as

Cesium nitrate

CAS No:7787-69-1

Usages:Analytical reagent. X ray fluorescent screen. The prism spectrometer.

Hydrogen cesium carbonate

CAS No:29703-01-3

Usages:Used for the preparation of other cesium salts, but cesium carbonate is more commonly used.

Cesium Stearate


Usages:Used as analytical reagent

Cesium sulfate

CAS No:10294-54-9

Usages:Spot analysis of aluminum and trivalent chromium.

Cesium nitrate

CAS No:7789-18-6

Usages:Mainly used in the catalyst, trace element analysis, other cesium salt preparation, radioactive mate

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