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Lithium dihydrogen phosphate anhydrous

CAS No:13453-80-0

Usages:Used for preparing lithium ion battery cathode material

Magnesium carbonate anhydrous

CAS No:546-93-0

Usages:Used in medicine and rubber industry

Magnesium chloride anhydrous

CAS No:7786-30-3

Usages:Catalyst, flocculant, preparation of active magnesium

Magnesium Borate anhydrous

CAS No:13703-82-7

Usages:For the pharmaceutical industry, preservatives, fungicides.

Magnesium bromide anhydrous

CAS No:7789-48-2

Usages:Used as oxidation catalysts, pharmaceutical intermediates, etc.

Magnesium oxide anhydrous

CAS No:1309-48-4

Usages:Used as a laboratory reagent, and a good reference white color for colorimetry. It is also used in g

Magnesium dihydrogen phosphate anhydrous

CAS No:13092-66-5

Usages:Used in medicine, also can be used as wood flame retardant, plastic products stabilizer

Potassium dihydrogen phosphate anhydrous

CAS No:7778-77-0

Usages:Used as fertilizer, flavoring agent, brewing yeast culture agent, used in the preparation of buffer

Aluminium dihydrogen phosphate anhydrous

CAS No:13530-50-2

Usages:Used as an additive for high end optical glass materials.

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