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Sodium Oxalate

CAS No:62-76-0

Usages:raw material of ceramic glaze, leather making, textile finishing, organic chemical material, and so

Potassium Trioxalatoferrate

CAS No:17334-58-6

Usages:Photography, electroplating industry, chemical reagent, organic synthesis, scientific research.

Magnesium Oxalate

CAS No:6150-88-5

Usages:This product is used for electronic materials, ceramic glaze and other raw materials of magnesium sa

Strontium oxalate

CAS No:814-95-9

Usages:Preparation of strontium salt, catalyst.Tanning agent.Fireworks.Traffic signals.

Tin(II) oxalate

CAS No:814-94-8

Usages:This product is a hydrogenation catalyst of coal, organic chemical raw material or catalyst. It's al

Manganese oxalate

CAS No:640-67-5

Usages:This product is used in electronic material, battery material, catalyst and other manganese salt raw

Ferric Ammonium Oxalate

CAS No:14221-47-7

Usages:photography,electroplating industry, chemical reagent and organic synthesis

Potassium Hydrogendi Oxalate

CAS No:127-95-7

Usages:leather making and textile finishing agent, mordant, treating agent, organic chemical material, cata

Barium Oxalate

CAS No:516-02-9

Usages:ceramic glaze, fireworks material, electronic chemicals, organic matrial and catalyzer

Ironic oxalate sodium

CAS No:5936-14-1

Usages:Photography, electroplating, chemical reagents, organic synthesis.

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