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Sodium molybdate dihydrate

CAS No:10102-40-6

Usages:used in galvanized, polishing agent and chemical reagents

Molybdenum carbide

CAS No:12627-57-5

Usages:Used as coating material. Use as added material. In addition, it is generally used for particle rein


CAS No:13769-81-8

Usages:Catalyst, the production of gas sensors, etc.


CAS No:13765-74-7

Usages:Used as catalyst and photographic sensitization enhancer. Nano silver molybdate is a new type of ino

Hexaammonium molybdate

CAS No:12027-67-7

Usages:Catalyst and production of molybdenum. It can also be applied to the supplement of molybdenum in fer

Molybdenum trioxide

CAS No:1313-27-5

Usages:Raw materials used for the preparation of molybdenum and molybdenum compounds. Used as catalyst in p

Ammonium tetramolybdate

CAS No:12207-64-6

Usages:Mainly used in dyes, pigments, raw materials of molybdenum powder, trace element fertilizer, the man

Cerium molybdate

CAS No:53986-44-0

Usages:Catalyst and nano materials, etc.

Molybdenum Oxide

CAS No:18868-43-4

Usages:chemical reagent

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